abstract class NatML.MLFeatureType
The MLFeatureType class is an abstract base class providing information that fully describes the structure of an MLFeature.
Every MLFeature has a corresponding MLFeatureType.

Inspecting the Name

/// <summary>
/// Feature name.
/// </summary>
string name { get; }
Some feature types include a name. This is usually the case with feature types provided by MLModel instances. However, most feature types attached to features do not have a name.

Inspecting the Data Type

/// <summary>
/// Feature data type.
/// This will typically be a numeric type.
/// </summary>
Type dataType { get; }
This is the data type of each element within a given feature. This is usually a signed numeric type.

Type Conversions

/// <summary>
/// Check if feature type is non-null.
/// </summary>
static implicit operator bool (MLFeatureType type);
The feature type provides an implicit conversion to bool, indicating whether the feature type is non-null.