Tracking Changes



  • Added IMLAsyncPredictor interface for making server-side ML predictions with NatML Hub.

  • Added MLArrayFeature<T> constructor which accepts a native array feature for easy interop.

  • Added multi-indexing support to MLArrayFeature<T> for post-processing native array features.

  • Added MLArrayType.elementCount property to get the total number of elements for an array type.

  • Added MLArrayFeature<T>.shape property which returns the feature type's shape for convenience.

  • Added MLArrayFeature<T>.elementCount property which returns the feature type's element count for convenience.

  • Added MLArrayFeature<T>.CopyTo method to copy feature data into an array.

  • Added MLArrayFeature<T>.Permute method to create a shallow array view with permuted dimensions.

  • Added MLArrayFeature<T>.View method to create a shallow array view with a different shape.

  • Added MLPredictorExtensions.NonMaxSuppression method for working with detection models.

  • Added MLPredictorExtensions.GetImageSize method for making predictions with image features.

  • Added MLPredictorExtensions.SerializeAudio method for making Hub predictions with audio features.

  • Added MLPredictorExtensions.SerializeImage method for making Hub predictions with image features.

  • Fixed MLAsyncPredictor predictions never completing if backing predictor encountered exception.


  • Greatly improved performance and memory pressure when performing multi-indexing with MLArrayFeature<T>.

  • Added MLPredictorExtensions.RectifyAspect extension method for correcting detection rects from aspect-scaled images.

  • Fixed crash when making predictions with recurrent models on previous state features.

  • Fixed crash when getting native array feature shape for MLArrayFeature<T>.

  • Fixed memory leak when making predictions with image features on iOS and macOS.


  • Added MLModelData.audioFormat property for working with audio and speech ML models.

  • Added MLTextFeature for working with natural language processing models.

  • Exposed mean and std arrays in MLModelData.Normalization struct for models that require arbitrary normalization.

  • Removed generic MLClassificationPredictor and MLDenseClassificationPredictor predictors.

  • Removed ability to specify class labels for local .onnx file in project. Use NatML Hub instead.


  • First release.



  • Added MLARDepthFeature for predictors that need depth data to compute outputs.

  • Added Tokenizers namespace with BERTTokenizer for natural language processing.


  • First release.