Who Even are You 🤨

Most of our API request, queries, and mutations require authentication. Authentication is how we identify your user account to ensure that you can access certain resources. NatML relies on API access keys for authentication:

Retrieving your Access Key

To start, you can retrieve your access key from your Profile page on NatML Hub:

With your access key, you can now authenticate any request to our API:

Authenticating Requests

Our API supports several different authentication schemes for convenience. The all rely on using your access key:

Bearer Token

Queries and mutations to our Graph and REST APIs are authenticated using your access key as the bearer token:

   -H "Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_KEY}"

Basic Authentication

Requests to our REST APIs can also be authenticated using your access key with basic authentication:

   -u {ACCESS_KEY}:

The Graph API does not support BASIC authentication.

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