Getting Started
Up and Running in No Time
NatShare can be imported from either the Asset Store or GitHub.

Importing from the Asset Store

To begin, import the API from either the Asset Store:
Importing NatShare from the Asset Store

Importing from GitHub

Navigate to the NatShare repo and follow the setup instructions:
GitHub - natsuite/NatShare: Cross-platform social sharing for Unity Engine.

Quick Example

With NatShare imported, run a quick test which shares a screenshot:
using UnityEngine;
using NatSuite.Sharing;
public class ShareScreenshot : MonoBehaviour {
void Start () {
// Capture a screenshot
var screenshot = ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshotAsTexture();
// Create a share payload
var payload = new SharePayload();
// Add the image
// Share!
Add this component to any game object in your scene; build onto an iOS or Android device, and run. You should get a native popup asking the user to share the item!
Make sure to look through the minimum requirements before delving into the API.