Tracking Changes


  • NatShare is now thread-safe and can be used from any arbitrary thread.
  • Fixed FLAG_IMMUTABLE fatal exception when sharing on Android S (#125).
  • Fixed "Select Photos" option in photo library permission dialog causing app to hang on iOS (#119).


  • Migrated to Unity Package Manager.
  • Fixed iOS crash when sharing action was canceled by user (#110).


  • Added ISharePayload.AddImage overload which takes in a raw pixel buffer.
  • Fixed sharing not working on iOS 14.
  • Fixed SavePayload with album name crashing on Android Q+.
  • Fixed DllNotFoundException when using any sharing payloads in the Unity Editor.
  • Removed method chaining support from all payloads. Use multiple invocations instead.
  • NatShare now requires Android API level 24+.


  • Fixed compiler errors when building with IL2CPP backend on Android.
  • Fixed 'No apps can perform this action' error when sharing text on Android.
  • Reduced time taken when adding images to payloads.
  • NatShare now requires iOS 11+.


  • Updated top-level namespace to NatSuite.Sharing for parity with other NatSuite API's.
  • Updated ISharePayload methods to support chaining, making code easier and more declarative.
  • Implemented async pattern for sharing callback using ISharePayload.Commit method, further simplifying sharing code.
  • Added boolean return type for ISharePayload.Commit showing whether the sharing operation was successfully completed.
  • Fixed UI constraints error when sharing on iPad with iOS 13.
  • Deprecated ISharePayload.Dispose method.


  • Fixed SavePayload.AddMedia not working properly on Android.
  • Fixed SavePayload failing to save the first time the user is asked for permissions on iOS.


  • Migrated to an object-oriented approach, where sharing payloads are created then committed. See README for more details.
  • Added support for printing on iOS with PrintPayload.
  • Added support for sharing multiple items at once.
  • Upgraded API to .NET 4.
  • NatShare now requires Android API level 22+.


  • Added support for saving to an album in the camera roll.
  • Added copy parameter to SaveToCameraRoll. When false, the media file will be moved to the camera roll instead of being copied.
  • Deprecated message parameter in Share* functions.
  • Refactored all Share* functions to overloads of one NatShare.Share function.


  • Added callbacks to the NatShare.Share... functions. You can use these to know when the user has completed the sharing activity.
  • Added better error logging on iOS.
  • Changed NatShare.GetThumbnail to return the thumbnail texture instead of take a callback.
  • Deprecated the WebGL backend since most functions were not supported.


  • Added ShareText function for sharing plain text.
  • Added ShareMedia function for sharing media files like videos, images, and so on.
  • Refactored Share function to ShareImage.
  • Correctly set duration of video file being saved to camera roll on Android.
  • Fix creation date on saved video being incorrect on Android.
  • Fix sharing not being available for Instagram and Twitter on iOS.
  • Fix videos not being copied to the top level of the device gallery on Android.


  • Images being shared or saved will not appear in a "NatShare" album.
  • Added null checking in all functions to prevent crashing.
  • Fixed hard crash when thumbnail cannot be retreived on iOS.


  • Added ability to share images and videos with message.
  • Fixed tearing and skew in generated thumbnails on iOS.


  • First release.