Video Recording on the Web
NatCorder has a WebGL backend, but it is developed and maintained in a separate project, WebCorder.

Supported Browsers

WebCorder supports the following browsers:
  • Firefox 25+
  • Chrome 47+
  • Safari 27+

WebGL Limitations

WebCorder follows the NatCorder specification, but differs in a few ways:
  • WebCorder cannot record audio from Unity Engine because Unity does not support the OnAudioFilterRead message on WebGL.
  • WebCorder is not thread safe, because Unity Engine does not support threads on WebGL. Everything happens on the main thread.
  • Asynchronous readbacks which allow for high frame rate recording are not supported by Unity Engine on WebGL. This typically has an adverse effect on performance.
  • Microphones are not supported by Unity on WebGL, so you cannot record user audio without a custom plugin.

Get WebCorder

WebCorder is open source, so feel free to grab it and modify it to your liking:
GitHub - natsuite/WebCorder: Record videos from Unity Engine in WebGL.
WebCorder on GitHub
Last modified 1yr ago